Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let’s give Texas a break

Each year, Americans make enough plastic wrap to shrink-wrap the state of Texas. To add to this, almost one-third of the waste generated in the U.S. is from packaging. These figures present a significant problem. For the sake of the planet and sustainability, we need to find ways to eliminate the excess and find reusable packaging solutions.

One such solution is the Ty-Up® Pallet Tie. Made of steel and high quality polypropylene braided cord, Ty-Up Pallet Ties quickly and easily secure your palletized load without the time and waste associated with shrink and stretch wraps. The unique Ty-Up hook fastens anywhere along the cord’s length, so one Ty-Up Tie can handle a variety of load sizes. And best of all, Ty-Up Ties can be reused over and over again. In using products like Ty-Up Ties, we help to cut down on the waste associated with traditional packaging methods and start moving into the future of cost-effective and sustainable packaging.

But I just need one carton from the load...

There are many effective ways to stabilize and secure palletized loads. Shrink wraps and stretch wraps are great for sealing up loads for shipment to the customer as once it is wrapped, you know that your shipment will stay in place until your customer cuts off the plastic film. But, what happens if you need to secure loads temporarily in your warehouse or storage facility? For safety, you know you need to secure the load. But do you really want to take the time and pay the cost to stretch wrap the load when you know you are going to have to cut the wrap to pick items from the pallet and then rewrap the load all over again.

Pallet ties and bands are an ideal solution for these situations. Rubber bands, ratchet straps and Ty-Up® Pallet Ties are a great alternative to the costly shrink and plastic wraps. Each of these is reusable and ensures that your load is safe for transport and storage, but in particular, Ty-Up Pallet Ties are the perfect option. Ty-Up Ties fasten and unfasten quickly and easily and hold your load securely. Unlike other products, Ty-Up Ties allow you to keep your pallets both secure and accessible. Not to mention, you can cut down on material costs as Ty-Up Ties can be reused over and over.

Ty-Up Pallet Ties, however, have distinct advantages over other reusable options. Unlike ratchet strapping, Ty-Up Ties utilize the unique Ty-Up hook that quickly locks at any point along the cord’s length thus eliminating the time and hassle involved in finding the end of the strap and threading in it through the heavy racket buckle. And unlike rubber bands, Ty-Up Ties are always the right size for your load. Just draw the cord through the Ty-Up hook until you have achieved the desired tension and then pull the cord down to lock it into position.

Quick, Easy, Secure. Ty-Up Pallet Ties